By | December 5, 2017



Kelowna SEO sets the pace

Many businesses are stagnating. And if you are one of the unlucky ones, your business is losing its grip and going down the ladder. It is sad to see something you literally built with your sweat and blood going down to the drain.

Enough with the bad news; all is not lost. Kelowna SEO customer relationship management (CRM) technology is the new silver bullet. It has the power to connect you to more customers, improve everyone’s’ performance and most importantly grow your business. Here is how it does just that:

Cut down on the cost of sales

Every business would literary kill for new customers. But there is one thing you should know before going crazy with winning new prospects. The chances of selling to a new customer are dismal at 5% to 20%. On the other hand, the chances of selling to an existing customer stand between 60% and 70%. You will have to spend more time and resources on a new customer than you would on an established one.

Therefore, you should sell more to established customers. Cross-selling and renewed loyalty should of more focus to your business.

Work on your customer retention power

If your business could reduce 5% of customer defection, you can be sure to bank 25% to 80% more profits. You should increase your customer campaigns and spin around your retention. Satisfied customers mean they will stay and they can tell their friends about your business.

Appeal to the right customers

You could spend a fortune and loads of time advertising your business and show zero results for your efforts. The problem is simple: you are targeting the wrong customers. Refocus your email, video campaigns and adjust your social media promotions. Besides, you should also incorporate CRM system into your efforts. Just you know; businesses without a CRM system lose as much as 79% of leads that go unconverted.

Boost individual performance

Automation is the key to get the best out of your employees. An incredible 52% of top performing employees confess to using CRM technology. With it, your employees with have plenty of free time to engage potential prospects. This is a sure way to build new relationships and solidify old ones. You can expect your business needle to move in the right direction.

Dedicated time and resources to build trust

With trust come sustainable relationships. And who does not know what such kind of a relationship does to a business? It helps it grow in tenfold. With a CRM system, you will be able to identify customer problems and know how to engage them. That is the first big step to creating trust that will lead to a relationship you can count on all the days.

Offer excellent customer service

It is amazing how customers appreciate good customer service. More than 52% of customers will be willing to pay an extra dime as long as they get excellent customer experience. It is, therefore, worthwhile to ensure good customer service. Do not drop the ball after you have closed the sale; let the customer feel that it does end with the purchase.